Tuesday, March 26, 2013

English's Idiom and Phrase

Today, i have studied about idiom that was often used in TOEFL's test. As we know, An idiom is a group of two or more words that has a special meaning different from the meanings of its component parts. Here is some new idioms and phrases i,ve got.. It is arranged alphabetically
  • after all : pada akhirnya
  • about to : hampir/segera (ex : the show is about to begin)
  • all in a day's work : tidak ada hal yang istimewa
  • all along : dari semula (ex : i had known all along that she was a widow)
  • at all : sama sekali
  • as well : juga
  • be in charge of : bertanggung jawab atas
  • be in the same boat : dalam situasi yang sama
  • brush up on : mengulang (ex : i'ill have to brush up on
  • butterflies in my stomach : Gelisah, gugup (ex : Liam had butterflies in his stomach before he went on stage to play the violin.)
  • burning the candle at both ends : melakukan terlalu banyak pekerjaan
  • call off/put off : menunda
  • come up with : menemukan ide atau rencana
  • draw the line : tiba-tiba berhenti (ex : Now I draw the line at speaking in front of 34,000 people)
  • down for the count : menyerah, lelah (ex : No, you can’t take my dog for a walk – she’s down for the count after chasing cats all day)
  • from now on : untuk saat ini dan seterusnya
  • get over with : menuntaskan, menyelesaikan
  • get rid of : menyelesaikan
  • get in touch with : berkomunikasi
  • keep an eye on : mengawasi
  • lay off : memecat
  • no wonder : tidak mengherankan
  • on the verge of (a.k.a "close to") : hampir (ex : Sara was on the verge of tears when she heard the news)
  • plain as day : sudah jelas (ex : It’s plain as day that you’re in love with her, so just admit it)
  • putting his foot in his mouth : mengucapkan hal-hal yg buruk/memalukan (ex: he always putting his foot in his mouth)
  • went like clockwork : berjalan dengan lancar
  • right away : segera, seketika
  • run out of : kehabisan
  • stick your nose into something : Ikut campur (ex :  Sharon always sticks her nose into everyone else’s business)
  • take it easy : santai
  • turn down : menolak

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