Monday, January 2, 2012

My Purpose In Life : Sebuah Resolusi untuk 2012

John Maxwell in one of his seminar talked about success. He said that our success, first of all is knowing my purpose in life (mengetahui tujuan hidup). John Maxwell added that there are two big days in a man's life. First, The day that they were born and second The day that they discovered why.

In line with John Maxwell's words.. I have made my purpose in this year 2012. This is not the detail. Only the outline. So here it is my bucket list in 2012.

1. Fixing my study so i can graduate in April 2013 with GPA > 3.0

2. Making my own money while i sit in college by doing some business or playing in capital market. Use money only for the important things.

3. Consistently do the bible diging every saturday and "saat teduh" every morning

4. Practicing my english in writing and speaking

5. Do The Mission 21 (it is doing 21 new things in a month)

6. Running well my responsibility as a trainer in Tim Musik Perkantas Jabar

7. Practicing my guitar skill (especially in jazz and classic guitar)

8. Making friends with 50 new friends in this whole year. Has a girlfriend for the first time in my life. I think the time has come for me. (seriously dude)

9. Keeping my communication with my big family by sending SMS or calling. At least once a month.

10. Reading a new book every month. By the end of this year, at least i would have read 12 new books.

11. Winning a competition. Business, academic.., whatever

12. Joging once a week. Fitness (push up, sit up, weight training) three times a week. Swimming once a month. By the end of this year, i would have 65 kg in weight and 175 cm in height

13. Have meal 3 times a day. Drinking milk, eating fruits, and other nutritious food and beverage.

14. Would have wake up at 5.30 A.M and get to sleep maximum at 00.00 A.M. No overtime hours anymore. Try to do my task by installment.

15. Fulfill "The Gentlement Agreement" in which i had made with my little brother, Gunawan Panjaitan.


  1. Great resolution bro..
    Hopefully it can be achieved..

    Btw, what does the fifth mean?

  2. thanks mas widi..

    Mission 21 means doing 21 new things that i've never done before or things i've rarely done for a very long time. Just to enrich my experience and horizon :D

  3. bravo!!!

    making friends with 50 new friends in this whole, how abaot your old friends??