Friday, June 8, 2012

Mind And Health

Mind and health are two things which have strong dependability. When your mind not feel up to the mark then your health will tail after. There are so many researchs and health's informations said the same thing.
These are what i found :

Stress bisa bikin susah BAB
Stress picu bau mulut
Stress akibatkan penyakit jantung
Stress dan maag
Stress dan rambut rontok
Stress dan tertekan mudah terkena stroke
Stress membuat berat badan turun
Stress membuat nyeri otot leher

So, since mind and health have a strong dependability, it is very important for us to have a "healthy mind". I believe that our mind has a big impact to our life. Now, the big question is how can we have a "healthy mind". Here some tips i got to keep our mind healthy and keep us away from stress.

1. Laugh!
Do not ever spend the day without laugh. Why? Because laugh can make us happy, and happiness can stimulate a healthy mind. So, find, make, or do something that make you laugh. Watching a comedy films, reading comedy books, reading jokes, you named it.

2. Be positive : Think positive, Talk positive, Act Positive
Always think positively about others or yourself. In order to has a positive thinking, you can mix with positive persons. Stop thinking negatively about yourself or others. If you always seek and focus for your weaknesses or others's weaknesses, i am afraid it will be a never ending journey. So, instead of seeking weaknesses,it will be better if you seeking good things from yourself and others.
I am always amazed with the way Thomas Alva Edison think. When he asked about his 1000 failures, he answered that it is not failures. It is all the way he must through. Actually, he invented 1000 ways that didn't work. See anything from positive side!

Always use a positive sentences in your communication with yourself and others, like :
  • i strongly belive i can do it, you can do it, we can do it.
  • hey, you look great today
  • there must be a way to solve these problems
3. Be grateful. 

4. Do what you love and love what you do

to be continued...

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