Monday, October 28, 2013

Yusuf : Dream And Faithfullnes (part II)

Harry, in my previous story, I have teached you one important lesson that you must have a dream (vision). Dreams will make you stay on the track and keep you from any distractions. Always keep your dreams whatever it takes. No matter what people will say. You must dream big, keep faithful to God, and the time will come when your dreams come true. Keep in note that your dreams must come from God. And that means, your dreams is not about you and your ambitions or egos. It is about how to glorify God and become a blessing to other people. Are you dare to dream big like i had done?

In this story, I will teach you about hardship (masa sukar).

My brothers hated me more and more from day to day because their jealousy. One day, I was ordered by my father, Jacob, to go to look my brothers grazing the flocks in a place called Shechem. But when they looked me they planned to kill me. Their hatred had controled them and made them forget that I was their brother. They tried to kill me but my brother Judah propose to sell me to foreigner instead of taking my life. Finally they sold me to Ishmaelites who brought me to Egypt.

Can you image my feelings? I was afraid, sad, angry, and confused because what they had done to me. At that time, i started to ask God why He let this happen to me? What about the dreams He had gave me? Is it just a joke?

You know CS Lewis once said, "God has not been trying an experiment on my faith or love in order to find out their quality. He knew it already. It was I who didn't.". That's true. So when you face a hardship in your journey to fullfil your dreams, keep in mind that you are stronger than your problems because God make everything happen for your own good. Just keep your dreams because precisely, in a time like that, your dreams will keep you moving forward. 

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